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Vivazen for Pain Relief

Vivazen for Pain ReliefVivazen is the formal name of the mix known as Vicozen. It is a mix of ingredients recognized for their natural anxiety, stress, or pain relief properties.

Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree which has been used for generations as an herbal supplement, sometimes as an aphrodisiac, and as an aid to relief chronic pains, is the main ingredient. Other ingredients of Vivazen include: Valerian, a perennial herb used to mitigate headaches relieve pain due to its interactions with the GABA neurotransmitter receptor system; chamomile, which has been used for ages to calm anxiety and stomachaches; ashwagandha, an herb used in Ayurvedic herbal remedies to help with joint pain, anxiety, and trouble sleeping; California poppy, which is most commonly used to help people sleep but also to help with aches and nervousness; lemon balm, a perennial herb which has many culinary uses but is also known as a reliever of stomach pain and cramps; passion flower, a plant which is used to relieve anxiety and sometimes also as an sleeping aid; and ginger, which is used to help with nausea and joint pains.

With so many soothing and pain mitigating ingredients, Vivazen seems like the ideal pain reliever, and since none of the substances included in it are known to have major side effects (when consumed moderately), it is safe to take.

Vivazen dosage

The recommended dosage is one 60ml bottle. It is supposed to start helping instantly but since each body is different and the ingredients vary, it is best to wait from 10 to 40 minutes before deciding whether another shot is necessary. It might be a good idea to have a glass of juice ready to drink right after since the taste can be too strong for some.


How to keep building muscle mass when your body plateaus?

building muscle massHave you noticed that after a period of losing a lot of weight or building muscle mass, your body seems to stop and become stuck at the same weight? That’s because your body reached a plateau.

When your body plateaus

The body adapts and adjusts to any kind of situation. If it receives a lower caloric intake, it will burn less calories. If it receives increased muscular stress (from working out), it will adjust and become used to the stress. In these ways, the human body combats weight loss and muscle gain.
Preventing and bursting out from this combat is not that complicated. If your goal is to lose weight, you should vary your calorie intake, reducing it at a slow pace and sometimes surprising your body with a small increase; never reduce calories too much since your body will end up saving more of them! You should also vary the intensity of your cardio workouts.

Building muscle mass

If your goal is to add muscular mass, it is very important that you change your routine often (every 4 to 6 weeks), even if it’s replacing an exercise for another or changing the order. You must also eat properly, making sure your protein intake is enough for your weight. Watch your timings. You shouldn’t do lifting for more than an hour since this causes your muscles to overwork and actually become weaker; and don’t do more than 30 minutes of cardio. Burning fat is not good for building muscles since they need the fat. Rest well. You need proper sleep times (about 7 or 8 hours); but you must also take a week off from your routine from time to time, three or four times a year. This does not mean you do not exercise at all; you just take it easy.


Octopamine for Energy

Octopamine for EnergyOctopamine HCL, also known as norsynephrine, is usually used to promote fat loss. The substance derives from tyramine which is a natural amino acid that can be found in various foods such as liver and tomatoes. However, it originally derived from the octopus. It is similar to noradrenaline which is a hormone that releases in the body during stress and is responsible for the physiological changes that occur as a result of the response.

Octopamine has many benefits including acting as an energy booster and fat burner. Many believe that octopamine helps to breakdown the fat cells in the body and so it has been included in many dietary and weight-loss products. Additionally, octopamine is believed to be effective over long periods of time. This effect is important because many weight-loss products and stimulants start to become less effective after just a few weeks. There is still research being done to prove this claim but so far it has held up to expectations.

Along with giving users an energy boost, octopamine has also been known to increase the body’s metabolism which results in more calories being burned. It also improves insulin sensitivity and secretion which is good for diabetic patients and could result in a reduction in symptoms. It is also said that it may help to stimulate the release of catecholamines which are hormones like adrenaline that help the body handle and manage stress. These hormones also form part of the sympathetic nervous system of the body.

Octopamine Research

Research has suggested that octopamine helps to prevent the breakdown of protein for energy which could be a very important factor for bodybuilders and athletes. Bodybuilders and athletes would be able to not lose muscle while dieting and would be able to retain protein for muscle growth. This retention could result in successful fat loss without losing muscle tissue. Octopamine can also successfully activate the body’s beta-3 receptors which are involved in most of the metabolic processes and could also lead to fat loss. This benefit is because octopamine is also a beta-3 adrenergic agonist.
So, octopamine could be used for many things as it has many benefits. It can be useful if you want a quick energy boost in the gym or if you want to sustain muscle growth throughout the process of dieting.


The Benefits of Hordenine

The Benefits of HordenineA lot of athletes and bodybuilders use hordenine as a supplement for assisting in weight loss. Hordenine is a stimulative psychoactive chemical and a phenylethylamine alkaloid. Hordenine works by stimulating the release of the hormone norepinephrine which helps to energize the body and also slows down the rate at which food is digested. The compound is used as a weight-loss stimulant by many people on diets and acts as a central-nervous-system stimulant.

Hordenine Research

Reviews of hordenine claim that it works by stimulating the nervous system and in turn promotes the release of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a hormone that can help to extract fats or lipids from body tissue. The lipids become loose and are thus easier to break down during exercise or anaerobic exercise. They are used as an energy booster rather than being stored as fat. So far, the research has proven these claims to be true but further trials and studies are currently underway. People who take the supplement have also made statements claiming that hordenine reduced their appetite. Research tends to support this claim of appetite reduction.

Hordenine can help support weight loss, energy levels, and can help reduce appetite. This means that hordenine can be a useful supplement for nearly any healthy person who is trying to lead an active lifestyle or to get in shape.


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Sulbutiamine for energy

Sulbutiamine for energySulbutiamine is a synthetic molecule also known as Arcalion that consists of two Thiamine (or Vitamin B1) molecules that are bound together by a sulfur group. It is generally known for relieving asthenia, which is a lack of energy or unnatural physical weakness. In addition to acting as an energy booster, sulbutiamine is also often used for erectile dysfunction and improving memory. Japan is where the origin of sulbutiamine can be traced back to where a nervous system condition known as beriberi was linked to a deficiency in thiamine. Sulbutiamine first made its appearance in the mid 1970’s which is when it was created in order to provide a derivative with more lipophilicity, which is a reference for a compound’s ability to dissolve in lipids.

Most of the time when sulbutiamine is manufactured it is manufactured as a 200 milligram tablet and is recommended to be taken at least three times a day through oral administration. However, there is also sulbutiamine powder which is sold as well. The recommended sulbutiamine dosage is 600 milligrams. Although the dosage can vary, as one report that was published in the year of 2005 book progress in neuro psychopharmacology and biological psychiatry noted that a group of French medical researchers recommend 850 milligram therapeutic dosages for patients who weigh 150 pounds or more. So you may want to experiment and see what works for you as the dosage recommendations can vary depending on your sensitivity and size.

Sulbutiamine is has also been shown to increase cholinergic activity in the hippocampus which means that it affects the levels of acetylcholine in the brain in a positive way, as in improving memory. It is also said to potentiate glutamatergic activity in the PFC (prefrontal cortex) which is the part of the brain that is used to coordinate decision making, correct social behavior, and also moderate complex cognitive behavior. The intrasynaptic glutamate levels are affected when sulbtiamine acts on the prefrontal cortex which ultimately improves mental performance and memory. Also by increasing the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine sulbutiamine improves the function of the central nervous system and strengthens the protective coverings of the nerves.

Sulbutiamine benefits

The benefits of sulbutiamine are improved alertness, concentration and memory, ability to burn excess body fat and help aid in weight loss programs, protect nerves and nerve protective coverings, and improve erectile function in men as well as increase libido. In addition it is also used to address the main causes of chronic fatigue in patients and increase their energy levels by giving them an energy boost, and also alleviate symptoms of degenerative cognitive disorders. The quick energy boost in addition to the benefits of the cognitive affects can be of use to many different types of people. There have been clinical trials that have shown that sulbutiamine has been able to improve concentration, reaction times, and substantially enhance memory. It has also helped a big amount of people overcome anxiety disorders which could improve the brains resistance to stressful situations.