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DMAE vs. Theanine for Stress

DMAE vs. Theanine for StressWhen taking several different supplements and building a body that you can be proud of, some of us slip down into feelings of stress and mood swings. A healthy mind represents a healthy body. It is no good having a healthy body if you are feeling a little down in the mind. Usually the two go hand in hand, but as any bodybuilder knows, striving for perfection is a daily battle, and one that we sometimes win, but every now and again we may lose.

A DMAE supplement can bring on health risks if overused, so it is wise to take a DMAE supplement in small doses to relieve stress. DMAE helps to improve blood flow and helps to produce a chemical which assists our nerve cells to transmit signals around the body.

The DMAE benefits include an improved memory, a boost to brain levels, and a general feeling of happiness and well being. This will help people recover from stress attacks much more quickly than someone who have not taken any DMAE supplement. A recent scientific test showed that 80 people who were all suffering from stress were treated with a DMAE supplement. In the test, half of the participants were given a placebo and the other half was given a genuine DMAE supplement. After eight weeks the 40 students that were taking part in the study that had been given a DMAE supplement showed remarkable improvements to their mood and general feeling of well-being. The other half that had taken a placebo only showed small (but improved) changes to their state of stress.

Theanine can give you many natural benefits when you are trying to find a way to relieve stress. A Theanine supplement can be used as a real benefit for sadness. Theanine benefits include a feeling of well being, relief from sadness, and relief from stress. So, where do we find theanine naturally, if we cannot find theanine supplements anywhere online? Theanine can be found in green tea and also some black tea.

DMAE or Theanine?

Because Theanine is such a natural and well-liked supplement, many bodybuilders and athletes do tend to prefer this supplement to DMAE. There are just too many theanine benefits that can outweigh other supplements.