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Synergistic Effects of Raspberry Ketone Green Tea

Whatever you health or fitness related goals might be, taking supplements is one of the easiest and most effective methods of achieving them. More specifically, if your goals – like many others – are based on maintaining a healthy weight and balanced lifestyle, the combination of two supplements and the benefits that result from their synergistic relationship may be of interest to you. Raspberry Ketone Green Tea are two supplements that have a wide variety of health benefits. Combined they deliver a competitive advantage over that pesky belly fat you just can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you do. To identify just how this relationship works lets begin by taking a look at green tea extract.

Synergistic Effects of Raspberry Ketone Green TeaGreen tea extract has seen a rapid rise in popularity as a health supplement over the last 10 years, and for good reason. The various research-backed health benefits linked to steady supplementation of green tea extract include: increased endurance, heart health, high concentration of anti-oxidants, fighting off of free radicals, hydration, weight loss, and strength.

While this list could continue I think the message is clear – this stuff is awesome. Moving forward, the benefit to concentrate on here – in regards to the synergistic relationship between green tea and raspberry ketones – is weight loss. In 2009 a group of Netherland scientists published a meta-analysis looking at a total of 11 different studies related to the weight-loss/weight-management benefits associated with green tea supplementation. The results concluded that a steady supplementation of green tea was able to significantly increase overall weight loss while supporting the body’s natural weight-management mechanisms.

Weight Loss with Raspberry Ketone Green Tea

Switching gears, let’s take a look at the comparatively unknown compound that synergizes with and enhances the fat loss benefits that stem from supplementing green tea extract. Raspberry ketones, derived from red raspberries, are a molecule compound that is similar in structure to other natural weight-loss aids. With limited research available on the fat burning properties linked to raspberry ketone supplementation, animal studies have been promising. One study published in 2005 by a group of Japanese scientists focuses on the ketone compound’s ability to support weight loss; it showed that significant weight loss was seen in subjects who were administered a high dosage of raspberry ketone over an extended period of time. While this research may seem rather inconclusive or incomplete it is important to remember that we are not looking at raspberry ketone as an independent supplement.

You would struggle to find a good reason not to add green tea extract to your daily stack, and with the addition of raspberry ketones a synergistic relationship is created that enhances the already significant weight-loss/weight-management benefits provided by these two supplements. In regards to dosage, it may be somewhat tricky to find the optimal dose of raspberry ketone as further research is needed; so, per usual, start low and pay attention to your body’s response to help guide your decision making process. Green tea extract recommended dosage for weight loss generally sits right around the 500mg mark, adjusting accordingly while making sure to heed any packaging information/warnings included with your product.