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Tribulus Terrestris vs Glucosamine for Joint Pain

Tribulus Terrestris for Joint PainOne of the biggest problems bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts face when exercising is pain in the joints, particularly in the knees.


To help soothe this pain, Glucosamine has been a popular supplement for years. Glucosamine is an amino sugar naturally present in human bodies; the supplement is usually harvested from the shells of shellfish but it can also be processed in a laboratory. The reason why it is so widely used to alleviate joint pains is that it is present in the fluid around the knees and in cartilage. So, many people believe that consuming glucosamine will help to replenish the fluid and prevent the weathering of cartilage, keeping joints healthy for longer. Glucosamine supplements are often sold with other substances such as chondroitin and shark cartilage but they don’t seem to make a big difference.

Tribulus Terrestris

Another joint-pain supplement that has been getting attention is Tribulus Terrestris. The extract of this common warm temperature plant has been used for a while as an aphrodisiac since it raises testosterone levels in the body. However, during the summer Olympics of 1988, it caught the world’s eye as an enhancer for athletic performance; ever since then there have been several studies trying to determine whether it works for muscle resistance and joint pain relief, but nothing has been determined thus far.

Even though there are no conclusions from studies yet, there are lots of reports from people who are already enjoying the benefits of Tribulus Terrestris; they feel more energized during workout and less pain afterwards but it is uncertain why this happens and if it happens to everybody. Glucosamine’s benefits also vary from person to person, making it seriously hard to determine which one would be better to prevent and ease pain. Since neither seem to have any negative effects, it may be better to try both at the same time or separately to decide which one works best with your body.

The advised dosage for Glucosamine is 1500 mg per day. It can be taken in one dosage or divided into three. For Tribulus Terrestris, the dosage varies with several factors such as age, weight and body composition, but a limit of 750 mg is commonly recommended.